Little Cub Programs

Baby Bear & Teddy Bear Cubs

We have two dedicated infant classes.

Our Baby Bear Class is for infants from 6 weeks to 6 months.

Our Teddy Bear Class is for infants 7 months to 11 months.

Both of our infant classes are small teacher to child ratios so your sweet little cub will get the individualized attention and care they need.

For our infants, each infant room is equipped with a refrigerator for baby bottles that hold breast milk or formula. Our center provides formula for those little cubs who are formula fed. Formula bottles are made fresh daily at the time of baby's feeding. We also provide bottle warmers for babies who only drink warm milk or formula. 

Each little cub has their very own crib and bedding that is washed daily with all hypoallergenic detergent. We provide each little cub with their very own blanket and sleep sack as well. 

We provide powders, creams, and wipes for diaper changing. However, we do not provide diapers. We do keep house diapers on hand in case someone runs out but there is a separate charge for this. It is the parent's responsibility to make sure their child has plenty of diapers. However, we do understand that sometimes babies may not have enough for the day. Each house diaper will cost a $1.00. We keep Rascal and Friends on hand at all times. They are latex free, fragrance free, have no added lotions, and are Dermatologically certified for baby's sensitive skin. 

For our table fed infants, our center provides fresh, all natural pureed baby food that is made daily right here in our center. Our center also provides bibs for each infant. 

Diaper checks and changes are done every hour and changed as needed. Feedings are completed based on the individualized schedule of each little cub. Naps are also based on each little cub's needs. 

For our younger infants, we will do plenty of floor time to help with gross motor skills and prepare them for holding their heads up, sitting, scooting, crawling and so on. 

For our older infants, we will have soft play and continue our floor activities to fine tune our gross motor skills for walking and feeding ourselves. 

Each infant class will go outside as long as weather permits. We take these little cubs out between the temperatures of 60 degrees and 80 degrees. 

Honey Bears & Cubsters

We have two dedicated toddler classes.

Our Honey Bear class is for little cubs in the age range of 12 months to 23  months.

Our Cubster class is our Preschool Prep class, which is for little cubs in the age range of 2 and 3 years. 

Each of our classes have a small teacher to child ratio so that your little cub can receive the attention and early education they need. 

Our toddler classes have a more defined daily schedule that they follow. They will receive Breakfast, an AM Snack, Lunch, and a PM Snack. They will also go outside twice a day if weather permits. Bathroom breaks are done in scheduled intervals to help with the start of and continued potty training. 

We take our toddlers out in between the temperatures of 55 degrees and 95 degrees. If it is above 80 degrees during our afternoon outing, we will either have water play or limit our afternoon outside time. 

Toddlers do not need as long of a nap as our infants do or as many. However, they do need longer naps than our older classes. Toddler naps can last for one to 3 hours depending on the activity level for the day. Each toddler is provided a comfy nap mat, their own blanket, pillow, and lovey. 

Our Toddler 1 class begins the transition away from bottles to sippy cups. We also encourage the discontinuation of pacifiers in this age group to keep little teeth healthy.

Our Honey Bear class begins the transition from diapers to potty training. We do understand not every child learns to use the potty in between the ages of 12 to 23 months and we do not push this on any child, we encourage the transition. If your little cub is not potty trained by the last day they are in our Honey Bear class, no worries, they will still get to transition to our Cubster class and continue practicing their new potty routine. Potty training isn't always easy but between help from both parents and teachers, we can accomplish anything!

Little Bear Cubs

Our Little Bear Cubs Preschool Program is to prepare 4-year-olds to get ready for a school-like atmosphere. 

Our Preschool Program is Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Students must arrive no later than 7:50 AM. However, you do have the option for extended day care if needed. This program will start in August and end in May each year. 

We have partnered with ABC Mouse to teach our preschoolers both online and offline early education. It has been proven that ABC Mouse is rated one of the top educational programs for early education, which is why we chose it! This isn't the only curriculum of choice in our Center, they will also learn how to complete real world tasks and so much more!

Children will receive Breakfast, an AM Snack, and Lunch while in our Preschool Program. If your little cub needs extended care, they will also receive a PM Snack. 

Our Preschoolers still get nap time. However, it is shorter than our younger groups. Preschoolers have two hours dedicated to nap or quiet time. Some children at this age skip nap time altogether. However, other little cubs still need their rest. 

Don't worry, our Program isn't just about learning, it's also about having fun too. Children will get recess and free play each day as well.

Little Cub Cadets

Our Little Cub Cadets Kinder Prep Program is similar to our Preschool Program. However, it is meant for those little cubs who just aren't quite ready for Kindergarten. If you have a little cub who has a late birthday and wont start Kindergarten until 6 years old, this is a great little program for them. 

Though it is somewhat like our Preschool Program, they will refresh what they have learned already but will also be learning new things to prepare them for the big jump into Kindergarten. 

Our Kinder Prep Program is Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Students must be present no later than 7:50 AM. Extended day care is also offered if needed. This program runs from August to May.

In our Kinder Prep Program, we also use both the online and offline ABC Mouse curriculum. However, we also teach age appropriate life skills to better prepare for Kindergarten. Such as, being able to tie their shoes, dress themselves, instill the importance of hygiene, health, and safety. How to be kind to one another and learn to work in a team environment. How to follow direction and use their manners, as well as many other things that prove to be helpful before making that big jump to their new school. 

In our Kinder Prep Program, we will have one hour of quiet time to rest our little minds. This may involve a movie while laying on their mats or something similar to allow the children to recoup their minds and bodies from the day prior to going home.  

Before School Cub Care

Our Before School Program starts at 5:00 AM and ends when the Howe I.S.D. school bus arrives to take the children to school. 

Children will have time to finish any last minute school assignments and will receive Breakfast prior to leaving for school. 

After School Cub Care

Our After School Care Program is offered to school-aged children from 5 years old all the way up to 12. Our after school program starts when school-aged children arrive at our Center until 7:00 PM.

Currently, we only serve Howe I.S.D. students, but in the near future, we plan to serve school districts around us. This will include: Gunter, Tom Bean, Whitewright, Van Alstyne, Sherman, and any other school district within a 30 mile radius of our Center. 

For our after school students, we will assist them with their homework, allow for free play and provide super. 

How do the children get to our Center? Children will ride the Howe I.S.D. school bus from the school and be dropped off at our Center. Once children arrive, they will be checked in on our Brightwheel app so parents know their child has safely arrived and are in our care until they get picked up.

Little Cub Camps

Fall & Winter Cub Campers

Fall Cub Camp Program

Our Fall Camp Program  is a mini cub camp that is held during the Thanksgiving break for school-aged children up to the age of 12. Our Program will start the first day of the Howe I.S.D, school holiday break and end the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. This will be a themed camp. 

Winter Cub Camp Program

Our  Winter Camp Program is held during the Christmas and New Year school break. This camp is for school-aged children up to the age of 12. School is usually out for two weeks in December. This will be a split holiday camp due to our holiday closures. The dates that we are closed are as follows:

  • Christmas Eve

  • Christmas Day

  • The Day after Christmas

  • New Years Eve

  • New Years Day

Each year will be different due to the way the dates fall on the calendar. However, here is the schedule for the 2021 year. 

The Howe I.S.D. early release date is December 17th. Our Winter Camp will start on Monday, December 20th and go until Thursday, December 23rd. 

We will break for the holiday and return Monday, December 27th and the camp will end on December 30th. 

Camp Days

Monday, December 20th Camp Day

Tuesday, December 21st Camp Day

Wednesday, December 22nd Camp Day

Thursday, December 23rd Camp Day

Friday, December 24th Closed

Saturday, December 25th Closed

Monday, December 27th Camp Day

Tuesday, December 28th Camp Day

Wednesday, December 29th Camp Day

Thursday, December 30th  Last Day of Camp

Friday, December 31st Closed

Saturday, January 1st Closed

Spring Cub Campers

Our Spring Camp Program will start when Howe I.S.D. releases children for Spring Break and end when it is time for them to return to school. 

This program is meant for school-aged children up to 12 years of age. 

Our Spring Camp Program hours will be Monday through Friday from 5:00 AM to 7:00 PM. 

Children will receive Breakfast, an AM Snack, Lunch and a PM snack.

Our Spring Camp Program will be themed and field trips will take place. 

Summer Cub Campers

Our Summer Camp starts when Howe I.S.D. children start their Summer break and ends in August when they return to school. 

This camp is for school-aged children up to 12 years old. 

Our Camp hours are Monday-Friday from 5:00 AM to 7:00 PM. 

Children will receive Breakfast, an AM Snack, Lunch, and a PM Snack. 

We will have weekly themes throughout our Summer Camp Program. We will also have water activities, and field trips.


Little Cub Clubs

The Green Thumb Cubs

This club will teach your little cubs where a lot of our food comes from and how to grow all kinds of things from flowers to fruits and veggies!

The Green Thumbs Cub Club teaches a great life skill and your little cub will have fun learning it as well. The foods that we grow will go directly into our kitchen so children will always have fresh fruits and veggies throughout the year. 

If we grow too much for our little cubs, we will donate the remaining goods to our food pantry. 

The Handy Helper Cubs

This club will teach your little cub all about community service. We will do things such as, teach them how important it is to keep our community clean. Running food drives to collecting toys for the less fortunate and much more. 

My favorite is wrapping presents during the holidays to collect donations to provide a special Christmas to a family in need in our community. 

The Crafty Cubs

This is a club that is all about, you guessed it, CRAFTS! We will make all kinds of things in this little club! These things include wreaths, paintings, bird houses, tutus, Homecoming mums, and so much more!

With this club, we plan to host a mini Texas Trade Day within our community to raise funds to create a Little Cubs Scholarship. We will host two annual Little Cubs Scholarship drawings a year. 

The first Little Cubs Scholarship will be given to a special mother in need. This mother could be coming from a woman's shelter, a mother who has just recently taken herself and child or children out of an abusive relationship, or a single mother who has just fallen into some hard times so that they can get good quality childcare. This will allow them totry and better their family's future. 

Dads, don't feel left out, there will also be a yearly drawing to hand out yet another Little Cubs Scholarship to those single dads who have taken up the great responsibility of raising their child or children on their own. Nowadays, it isn't just moms struggling in a single parent household. Fathers are taking on the sole responsibility of raising their child or children and it is just as hard for them. Some may be recently widowed, divorced with sole custody, or also leaving an abusive relationship. 

No matter the circumstance, we will hold an annual drawing to hand out two Little Cubs Scholarships for a single mother and single father in need to allow them the chance to put their family in a better position in this crazy, hard life. 

The Sugar and Spice Cubs

Yep, this one is all about SWEET TREATS!

We will be baking it up in the kitchen with this little club. From cookies to cupcakes, pies, cakes, brownies, and well, pretty much anything you can add sugar to!

We plan to allow the children to get involved in bake sales within the community to raise money to help start and run our very own food pantry for the local community. 

Not only is baking a dying trade in today's world, being in the kitchen period is. Cooking and baking are both a valuable life skill that should always be taught to the younger generations. 

Not only will our little cubs learn an amazing life skill, they will also learn how to make goods to sale for a good cause. 

The Gymtastic Cubs

This little club will be geared towards keeping little cubs in our community physically active and healthy by teaching them the proper way to stretch and workout. 

This will prepare your little cubs for youth sports by also teaching them the fundamentals of basketball, softball, baseball, soccer, football, and cheer. 

This club will teach them how to work together as a team and what teamwork is all about. Though we do not offer actual sports teams that compete outside of the Center, if there are enough sign-ups to make a few teams for any sport listed above, we will definitely have a game day!

Little Cub Campers Night Time Care
Drop-In Cub Care

Our drop in care is offered Monday through Friday and only if we have availability to children in the age ranges of 6 weeks to 5 years of age. 

If you're in need of drop in care, please contact the center the day before to see if we will have an opening available. All children must be dropped off by 9:00 AM the day of care.

ALL Center paperwork must be completed and immunization records must be on file prior to us being able to accept your child into our Center. 

Payment will be due at the time of drop off.

Parent's Night Out Cub Care

We are super excited to be able to offer a Parent's Night Out Care option in our community! 

Our Parent's Night Out Care will take place every Friday and Saturday from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM and will be available to children up to the age of 12 years old. 

Each age group will have something fun planned for the evening to allow them a safe and exciting time away from home, their parents and school. This will allow them to spend time with friends or to make new friends in a relaxing but fun environment. 

Each night will have a special theme. Here is a short list of some fun themes we will offer:

  • NERF Gun Wars

  • Glow-in-the-dark dance parties

  • PJs, Pizza, Popcorn and Movies

  • Game Night! From Twister to Hello Neighbor, Hide and Seek to fun little board games

  • Mini Carnival Night! Bounce houses to fun carnival outdoor games

  • Slip and Slide Madness

and so much more.....

Don't worry, if your little cub is well, just a little too little to be involved in some of our Themes listed above, we will have plenty of fun little Themed nights for them too. 

In order to attend one of our Parent's Night Out, you must sign your child or children up by Thursday of the week you wish for them to attend. Our spots fill up fast so make sure you get signed up early. 

Cub Cadet Academy
Coming Soon!
We plan to offer a Private Primary School with grades Kindergarten through...
Little Cubs Wellness Cabin

Children get sick, we all know that. When children are sick, they cannot go to school or daycare due to being contagious. However, we have solved this inconvenient problem all of us parents experience. Since parents sometimes just can't miss work, we will be here to help care for your sick little cub. 

Little Cubs Learning Cabin will be opening a wellness center in the future for sick child care. Don't worry, we will not be throwing a bunch of littles in a room together that are all sick. 

Wellness centers have even more regulations than traditional childcare facilities. The ratio for sick children to caregivers is much smaller and children with different illnesses cannot be in the same room. 

We plan to have nurses on staff with small two child rooms that house comfy beds and quiet play for sick little cubs. 

There will be more to come on this in the near future!!