Little Cubs Learning Cabin is all about Giving Back!

Here at Little Cubs Learning Cabin, our mission is all about our children, their families, the community and the benefits we can come together to provide for our community! 

Little Cubs Learning Cabin believes in..

The VALUE of a good community for today and in the future

The QUALITY of services offered to both the big and the small

The SAFETY in our community for both the young and old

The HEALTH and WELLBEING for all!

And... Most Importantly, The GOOD in US ALL!

Below are some of the many ways we plan to put our best paws forward in giving back to our community.

First and foremost, to always put the children in our community first by..

  • Always offering a safe, fun, and education environment
  • Offering high quality Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Offering Care hours that will fit the needs of all families
  • Offering Care for both the small and the tall
  • Offering Specialty care services 
  • Offering Awesome Cub Clubs and Camps

Little Cubs Learning Cabin hosts safe, family-friendly events throughout the year. These events not only provide a safe, fun, family-friendly activity in our community, but each event is hosted for a good cause. Examples include:

  • Collecting gently used clothes and shoes for those in need within our community. All remaining items will be taken to the local woman's shelter. 
  • Collecting nonparashable food for those in need within our community, including the elderly. 
  • Adopting a family for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays
  • Providing a Thanksgiving dinner to the elderly in our community

To view details about our annual events, please visit our Events & Calendar page. 

Little Cubs Learning Cabin's annual tuition grant program!

Little Cubs Learning Cabin is a private pay only center, which means that we choose not to utilize government agency programs. It also means that we do not receive Tax Payer dollars, Childcare tuition assistance from TWC, or money from food programs. Our Center operates soley off of student tuition and donations. With that being said, we know not all families can afford to enroll their children at Little Cubs Learning Cabin, and we believe that ALL children deserve a safe and high quality early childhood education. This is why we have chosen to offer an annual tuition grant program. Each year prior to our open enrollment in August, we will take a percentage of our center earnings and community donations to put towards this program. To learn more about our annual tuition grant program, grant qualifications, and how to apply, please contact us!